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April 29, 2006



It's not like we haven't installed dozens of these things, either. I confess, this is the first one that I tried to put on an NT/PHP/mySQL installation, but apparently the twist ties between PHP and mySQL aren't securely fastened on GoDaddy's NT servers.

That part's not terribly surprising. NT is not my platform of choice for exactly that reason.

What IS surprising is that the GoDaddy phone support people don't have a scripted response for this. We can't be the only fools -- err .. that is -- CUSTOMERS who tried to put up WP blog on their host.

I wonder what'd happen if we put up a MediaWiki :D

I suppose we need to decide -- find a non-db blog software or bail on GoDaddy.

D'Arcy Norman

I'd installed Wordpress and Mediawiki on a Godaddy linux server. Performance was _really_ bad, and I finally got fed up and moved to Dreamhost. Which is running _really_ fast, with the exact same files.

The Godaddy "Support" folks recommended I use their one-click-install blog, rather than some custom app like Wordpress. Yeah. Wordpress is a custom app. Morons.

Dreamhost has so far lived up to its name. Slightly more expensive than the Godaddy Economy package I had (10 bucks a month, rather than 5), but I get waaaay more disk space and bandwidth now, and waaay better service.

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