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April 26, 2005


Robert C. Mullins

Interesting article, and I get excited at the integration of technology in the classroom. My statistical nature however forces me to be slightly reticent, to the degree of almost calcitrant. I would like to see some REAL statistical evidence that the kids are using the palm as the actual learning experience instead of gaming, texting friends, drawing,the aforemetioned copy/paste, or just over all playing.

In addition I think its interesting that kids on the high school and elementarty school level are getting grants for this stuff, when it is more than obvious that the college level has a stronger need. We actually work/study! I am in my masters program and I bought my own laptop, three desktops, my own wireless cards, my own computer books and programs. Thousands of dollars. I am an IT major and I have a desaparate need for more and better gear, its not just a toy to me its a livelihood. I use this stuff all the time. Oh sure, I get financial aid, but after tuition, books etc, I barely have enough for my own family. In addition I am currently carrying TWO graduate assistantships. Its about time that grants are written to aid those who are really trying to achieve something in life.

My brother just completed his Masters degree in education at an Oklahoman university. Upon entering his Masters program he was issued a Blackberry device, an Apple laptop, wireless kits, ipod, digital video recorder, voice recorder, and the variety of books it requires to learn and run all the gear. These were not toys they were incorporated into the curriclum and part of his education. Am I to assume that Arkansas doesnt have the same committment to education? Or is it more important that a child knows how to copy and paste information?

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