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August 19, 2004


Ashley Crouch

Although blogs may be helpful in the classroom, some students may not have the resource to use them at home (i.e. a home computer). It may be an easier way for teacher's to grade work, but in the process students are losing the practice with handwriting skills.

stu12589,Rachel McBride

I think that blogs are a good idea, as long as teachers maintain the teacher/ student connection. With all the technology in the classroom taking us outside the classroom to learn, teachers have a great responsibility to maintain a one on one connection with their students. I see blogs as allowing the quiet kids to come to the front, the loud kids a non-disruptive outlet, and those students in-between a way to learn thats fun. The teacher must decide what tools are best for his or her classroom environment.

Sharron Burcham

I think that this is a great idea and that it will give students who are afraid of talking in class or blurting a wrong answer out loud a chance to speak in a different way. This also allows students to communicate with others and not just for the games installed.

Sharron Burcham

stu12589, Rachel McBride

I like Ashley's point about blogs. If work is to be performed outside the classroom a teacher would have to make sure every student had a computer! So much for making our work more simple and effective!

stu12589,Rachel McBride

Right on Sharron! Blogs are certainly a different type of tool than just a video game that helps you learn. I see students gaining in writing and other skills through the use of blogs.

Sharron Burcham

I think that blogs would be great for the classroom and all different kinds of kids.


This is true about loosing the handwriting grade, but that could be combined with English, Language or Spelling. I don't have a home computer either, but I often explore the school computers during my free time.


Sharron Burcham

Yes, teachers have great resposibilities. Also this may not work for some classes or students, but I think that it's a very worthy program to try.


Lisa Millard-Davis

I think this is an exciting new venture for educators. It seems to be a new way to teach as well as learn and it seems to be student led! I like that. It goes more along the lines of being a facilitator in the classroom. I am excited about trying this in my own teaching!

I can see where students would be more excited about posting on a blog than writing on a piece of paper.

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