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November 03, 2004


Amber Russell

I believe that this would be a great website to use to teach to children in the classroom. My plan would be to, once a week, go to that website and let them explore it. They would learn many new things. For example, we just watched a video clip from this site about how to grow a giant pumpkin. If the children saw this, they would be motivated to learn more about pumkins. It would be a great starting point to teach new lessons.

Jordan Price

The website with Buster on is excellent. Kids would love it because of the "adventures" he goes on and the videos, games, and songs that go along. It's great for teachers because of the integrated lesson plans and easy-to-navigate site. It is also good that anyone can access the sit without having passwords or subscription fees.

Jessica Garner

I believe that teaching from this site would be exciting for the kids to learn. It will be fun and a great learning experience for the students because it allows them to relax and enjoy learning about a subject and not just be bored with it. Most students know who Arthur and his friends are so it you integrated that into your lesson they are bound to listen more closely than when you are just teaching the subject. You could teach the children about how to grow seeds into something spectacular just by watching how the boy, Scotty, told how he grew his pumpkin. So this would be an exciting thing to use when teaching.

Ashley Pennington

I believe this website could be very helpful to use in the classroom. The children would be very interested in whatever you were teaching because you were using a character, Arthur, that they were familiar with and this would make them much more eager to learn about what you were teaching.
The blog website would be an interesting way to get children familiar with what a blog is and then to get the children possible creating a blog on maybe what they have been learning in your class for that school year.

Lane Sibley

I believe that their are many ways that I can teach from the "Postcards from Buster" Blog website.

Today was the first day that I had ever been introduced to Blogs, and I beleive that students could identify with Buster and would love to read about his journey through the United States. Many children because of money issues, or whatever, don't get to travel very much. Letting the children visit Buster's website will give student's a better understanding of different places around the U.S. and also reinforce lessons that you may have already taught, like pumpkins or farming.

Gwenda Self

This is a very useful site for teachers in regards to learning tools to keep on hand. It is kid friendly and geared to the interest of young children. I would use this in my classroom as well as my home. I was not aware of this program being available to anyone. I especially like the idea of having forty lessons at my disposal.

Jsyme Jay

I think I could easily integrate this website into a lesson plan. Using the specific card that you showed us today, I could incorporate it into a plant unit or with something about Thanksgiving or Fall. My mom actually did something similar to that at her school. The class followed the travels of a character. I could also use it with a lesson about traveling.

Brittany Ballard

I thought the postcards from Buster is a very neat idea to use in the classroom. Not only would it be informative about the different areas in th world, it would also help children learn how to keep their own weblog. Children would have to be responsible for sharing the ideas and keeping a journal of their thoughts.

Whitney Battles

I think that the "Postcards from Buster" site would be a fun way of teaching the children about different states. There are a lot of things for the children to do on here. As a teacher it would be easy to keep the children's interest and attention. This would be a great way of teaching about all of the 50 states.

Natalie Brown

I think postcards from Buster could be a great tool in the classroom. Using something that children are already interested in will help keep their attention and give them a desire to learn more. If they already know who Buster is and like him, they will want to know what Buster knows and learn even more about the topic and where he is going. If you wanted to teach about rocks, you would talk about when Buster went to Boulder, Colorado and made a "rock video". Children would love looking at Buster's blog and may want to keep their own blog.

Tammy Gaston

I think I could incorporate the postcards from Buster site into my teachings everyday. The first way is to study a different place every week and have the children prepare questions they may have about that place. Second one could use thirty minutes of class during the day and talk about different parts of the place they are studying. Third when the week has come to an end have the children write a paragraph or paper telling about something interesting from the place they have studied that week.
I feel this is an excellent website to use not only as a teacher but for my children to use also. I think everyone will learn something new about a specific place.

leronda Smolinski

This is a very good idea. There is several ways that you could use this idea to teach the children. This helps them learn information about states and where they are located on the map. There are numerous of lesson plans avaiable for teachers and parents.
There is also a way to learn manners and such on here. Which helps parents and teachers help with children in the classroom.
This is a very good idea over all. I would consider using this.

Bethany Hale

I plan on teaching Middle Level Language Arts/Social Studies. I could use the "Postcards from Buddy" in my classroom. I could have my students write a short compare and contrast paper about the big pumpkin and the small pumpkin. I could also use it for the students to learn adjectives. They could use adjectives to describe the pumpkin.

Natasha Robertson

You could use the clip of the giant pumpkin to teach size, and you could bring a smaller pumpkin to class to compare to the giant pumpkin. You could teach the process that seeds goes through to produce a pumpkin, and what they need to grow. The students can be placed in groups, and they can grow something themselves. On the game site, you could use the travel bingo to teach spelling and reading, and there is a variety of games that they could play as well.

Christina Zerr

I found the postcards from buster website to be very helpful and interesting. The site offers some helpful tips such as lesson ideals. This would be good to use if you are a parent teacher,or work with children.This site helps to teach topics in a different way. I feel that many children could benefit from this as a tool in teaching.

Ryan Clayborn

I think I that I could use the postcards from Buster blog to teach several lessons. I think that it could bring connections and cultural awareness to children. Children might learn how to connect the real world with things they are taught in these lessons. I think that children would enjoy following along on Buster's Adventures. I have never heard of Buster until today, so I guess I need to watch more tv.

Brandy Lovell

I think that this would be a great tool to use in the classroom. Not only does this website have interesting information to get children engaged. It also has a variety of games that the children can play. Teachers could also use one week to talk about a particular state then incorporate the information, games, and songs into the lessons. The children could also make one of the many foods related to that state. This would be a great way to give the children a hands on approach.


I think weblogs allow teachers to mix up instruction in the classroom to keep their students interested.


Laura Murdock

This is a really neat tool to teach childen things. it makes the material they are learning fun to learn. Plus, they can identify with what they are learning. i think i would definately use this in my classroom. I looked at Miami, Varginia beach, and Cocoa beach. the "post cards" are really cool and fun to read. i also like the recipies- it made me want to check them out to see if i could make the items listed. Also, the video was cute. It is always nice to break away from the norm and do something different and exciting.
Laura Murdock

Ashley Crouch

I looked at the video clips. The clip about the giant pumpkin could be used as a lesson around halloween or incorporated into a lesson about autumn. The video about the boy performing a martial arts form featuring monkey movements could be used in a lesson about the Asian countries. The video featuring the girls blogging would be good to use in a discussion on history or instruments since it discussed the difference between a fiddle and a violin. Students would enjoy these clips as part of their lessons.

Rachel McBride

I thought this sight was super-cool! I really liked the video clips. The fact that every clip was about a kid doing really cool things is what grabbed ny attention. I have kids and I know from experience that kids learn from other kids better than anything else. If you want to grab a child's attention, show them something like this sight and stand back!

Kim Stull

I really think "Postcards from Buster" would be a great tool that I could use in my classroom. I plan on teaching kindergarten, so I could see the children having lots of fun viewing all the different things this website has to offer. I viewed Phoenix,Cocoa Beach, and Charleston and all three of these cities provided lots of infromation with recipes and songs.

Misty Reifeiss

Buster visited Bismarch, North Dakota. He explored the Mississippi River like Lewis and Clark. They learned the directions (north, south, east, and west).

Buster visited Winchester, Kentucky. This helps students learn how to make friends and keep friends.

Buster visited Phoenix, Arizona. Helps kids think about what they want to be when they grow up.


Today during class I was able to see three differnt places. I watched the movies where Buster went to the pumpkin farm, drive a tractor, and clogging. Buster asked many questions about each one of these activities. Busters questions helped inform me on what each of the activities were used for and how long each person had been doing the activities. I felt that these activities would be very beneficial for the students to watch and the video clips helped keep my attention. I feel that this is a fun way to educate our students on thing they may not be able to see in real life.


Buster took me to a few different places in the world. One place was were a boy grew a very large pumpkin. Another was were a tractor was droven. last the dance, clogging. Buster can be a good motivation tool to teach children.

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