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April 24, 2004



Somebody needs to STOP that MANIC-NUT Brewster Kahle before he destroys everyone's copyrights and intellectual property rights.

Just because *Kahle* thinks he's a genuis (and apparently so do some persons around these parts), does not give him or anyone else the right to rip off the rest of us!

If I ever find any of my personally owned copyrighted materials UNLAWFULLY ARCHIVED AND SHARED by Kahle's archiving schemes, I will be sure to SUE the hell out of him. I recommend that all artists, writers, and others interested in protecting their intellectual properties keep a close eye on Kahle and his sneaky projects and SUE the hell out of him, if and when he abuses your copyrights and property rights.
And what REALLY sucks is the way Kahle and his ilk are getting GRANTS in order to rip off independent artists, writers, researchers, and others whose intellectual properties are their life support!!!

The whole thing sucks, and Kahle is a raving MANIC LUNATIC... I wonder how he sounds & looks in his bipolar DOWN phase?!

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